Zanna Gilbert: Curator

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Some great news from Dr Matthew Bowman at the Colchester Institute today: the art students have decided to set up a parallel site for Send Me a Flower, etc at the Institute. In order to document their submissions they will photocopy their work and displaying it before sending it to us, multiplying the exhibition space.So I have to add an ‘Element’ to my previous post:

6) Colchester Institute art students off-site project for Send Me a Flower, etc.

I hope I can add to ‘Elements’ as time goes on. That is the beautiful thing about this show and mail art generally – it as an open source approach to everything: instead of an exhibition being closed, with a narrative only defined by its curator or organisation, the exhibition takes on a life of its own, the ideas spread and get reproduced in different ways.

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