Zanna Gilbert: Curator

Send Me a Flower, etc.

Carlos Ginzburg with his mailed work, Quotation of a Flower.

Matt Terrington looking at Clemente Padin's PanPaz postcard.

Katrin Bengl doing a beautiful job of hanging the mailed works.

Katrin and Hilary hanging the works.

Here are the entries to Send me a Flower, etc. Next week the works will start to creep into the gallery - the project space is full! Sorry for the quality of some of the images, the light is not great in there.

Stephen Perkins

Junyi Chew

Stradada Foundation

Gastao de Magalhaes

Stradada Foundation, email

Ben Simms

Abbey Louise Potter


Andres (left), Inti maria Tidball-Binz (right)

Inti Maria Tidball-Binz, Silence

Leanna Goodall

Lisa TC

Tribute to Shozo Shimamoto

In and Out of the Pits & Virgin, 2 poems

Kate FC, The Last Cut is the Deepest

Lipstick staves/'I love you laurie'

Alanna Jane Richardson, Your Five a Day

H Marie Murphy, Here's to Going Around and Through Bureaucracies, The Eternal Network

Maria Inigo Clavo


Fax piece, Alicia V

Rachel Brown, Just Married Dirty Squatters

Mark Anthony Pearce

Tom Armstrong, Sizewell Bee

Lucy Wood, Scar Tissue

Mark Baker, The Tree

Ivana Romero - El destino del agua

Rina Campbell-Rose, Portrait of Violeta Crowheart

Elizabeth Goozee

Hans Ruedi Fricker, Flowers make you eat out of s.o.s's hands

Fred Peck, What is more bureaucratic than school and yet people find each other...

Thiago Venco, Tony Blair's getting Vanity Fair

This really is an envelope addressed to 10 Downing Street in the Blair days that one of Thiago's friends fished out of the litter.

Claire Shortcook

Daniel Santiago - the text reads 'mail art has neither day, nor time, nor is thus effervescent, multinational and stupefying'.

Chris Stimpson/Becca Johnson, Hug Collector Mexico City

Laurent Mollet

Caitlyn Collins

St. & St.

Daniel Santiago

Raoul's Letters

Em Milner

Paul Hughes

Daniel Santiago

Raoul's Letters
Sumer Erek

Raoul's Letters

Raoul's Letters

Maria Inigo Clavo

Joshua Lockwood,

 Inti Maria

Diane Keys

Katherine Shiers

Dave Anderson

Mail Invasion!

Samuel Moore

Matt Bowman

Marcos Gorgatti, Dubai Project (2008)

From an aerial view of the city was made a postcard and people were invited to write a few lines about an experience they had in Dubai, even if they had not been there. The postcards were sent  to Dubai by a courier and sent back to the artist by Dubai’s post service. 

 Clara Daisy

Carlos Ginzburg

Chris Dobrowolski

If your name is not listed it is because I haven't been able to decipher it. If you would like it to be listed or if you would like your name or work removed, let me know by emailing

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