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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

MAIL ART CALL: Send Me a Flower, etc.

for the exhibition Intimate Bureaucracies: Art and the Mail

Friday, February 25 - March 26

Send your poetic, loving, tender gestures - mail art, photographs, poems - for our exhibition Intimate Bureaucracies: Art in the Mail. The exhibition is an investigation into the intimate artistic gesture within bureaucratic structures. You don't have to be a professional artist to participate, all submissions are welcome.

The exhibition will run for a month, and during this time the display of mail art works will be in constant flux. The exhibition begins on 25th February and ends on
26th March 2011. Please send your entry at the earliest possible date and pass on this call to your networks.

‘Bureaucracy, as a mode of governmental or corporate organization, depends on officials rather than elected representatives or charismatic leaders. It usually connotes a cold, faceless, and excessively complicated system of administration. It epitomizes the distance between a governing body’s procedures and the needs and desires of its citizens, subjects, or customers.

Intimacy, the close familiarity of friendship or love, by definition depends on a small-scale system of communication. Its warmth, face-to-face contact, and fleeting impact has it often the subject of art and literature.’
Craig Saper

The submissions will be exhibited as part of the exhibition Intimate Bureaucracies: Art in the Mail.
All works will be exhibited
No returns
Size: maximum 21 x 30 cms (A4)

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