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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

David Horvitz: Some Cut Flowers

David Horvitz has been commissioned by firstsite to create a new work for the exhibition. Some Cut Flowers is a mailing project in which David is sending individual flowers in plastic water bottles from the United States to the exhibition on a daily basis. Due to customs regulations controlling the import and export of fresh cut flowers, it is possible that some of the flowers will be confiscated. But this is Horvitz’s intention - the flowers are meant as gift for the customs officials, not their ostensible destination. As you can see, some of the flowers have arrived unhindered, but yesterday I received just the customs slip and no bottle. Hopefully that means we have a happy customs officer out there somewhere. David Horvitz will give a talk on Wednesday 16th March 2011, more details to follow.

I’ll be posting photos of flowers and you can view a PDF (on this blog in the Downloads section) made by David that he will add to every few days. You can sign up to receive the daily emails containing a photo of the flower that David sends before posting the flowers by email me at until March 26th.

The customs slip that arrived yesterday, without its accompanying bottled flower.

The lost rose.

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