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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Intimate Bureaucracies catalogue, designed by Milena Galli

'Intimate Bureaucracies' text by Craig Saper

The catalogue for Intimate Bureaucracies is more than a mere record of the exhibition; it contains one hidden work and other works that do not appear in the gallery. The catalogue was designed as a package or a gift-parcel for our visitors. Designed by Milena Galli, it subverts and plays with the postcard format and hopes to keep the works in flux. The cards can be extracted and sent as postcards, to your loved ones or future friends and they can be accessed in the Downloads section on this blog.

Milena Galli, who designed the very special catalogue, with her Animated Gift, the 'hidden work' she created especially for the catalogue. See more of Milena's design and artwork, 'influenced by street signs, medicine packaging and bureaucratic application forms', at

Also, see Milena's intervention in an abandoned flat in a modernist housing complex here:

Sponsored and printed by Palladian Press

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